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Erasmus+, the new EU programme for education, training, youth and sport is aimed at boosting skills, employability and supporting the modernisation of education, training and youth systems. Erasmus+ also provides funding for education and training staff, youth workers and for partnerships between universities, colleges, schools, enterprises, and not-for-profit organisations.The new EU programme for Education, Training, Youth, and Sport for 2014-2020, Erasmus+, brings together seven existing EU programmes (including Tempus) in the fields of Education, Training, and Youth; and for the first time provides support for Sport. As an integrated programme it aims to contribute to the fight against youth unemployment by giving young people the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills through experience abroad.  Erasmus+ also supports partnerships to help people make the transition from education to work, and reforms to modernise and improve the quality of higher education institutions in Member States.

  • Key Action 1 - Staff Mobility

    Erasmus+ Key Action 1 is an exchange program for lecturers, administrative staff and students, initiated by the European Union, with the aim of improving the quality of higher education institutions (HEIs) in and outside Europe. Opportunities are provided for academic and administrative staff of higher education institutions to undertake a teaching (academic staff only), learning and/or professional experience in another country. This program encompasses between 5 days to 2 months and must include mandatory 8 teaching hours per week for teaching staff. Staff training mobility supports the professional development of higher education institution teaching and non-teaching staff in the form of training events abroad (excluding conferences) and job shadowing/observation periods/training at a partner HEI, or at another relevant organisation abroad.


    This program aimed at contributing to staff professional development, their teaching methods and international ties. It also provides opportunities for staff to improve the quality of their teaching and increase their local and international visibility.


    Our Partners

  • Key Action 2 - Capacity Building in Higher Education

    Capacity-building projects in the field of higher education support the modernization, accessibility, and internationalization of higher education in Partner Countries. The projects aim to encourage cooperation between the EU and Partner Countries and support eligible Partner Countries in addressing challenges in the management and governance of their higher education institutions. This includes improving the quality of higher education, developing new and innovative education programmes, modernizing higher education systems through reform policies as well as fostering cooperation across different regions of the world through joint initiatives. Gordon Academic College is involved in 11 Joint projects as partners and currently coordinates the CURE project which is a cross-regional project with Georgia. Gordon Academic College was also coordinating the successful TEMPUS project called DOIT, which united partners from Israel, Georgia and across Europe.   

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