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Welcome to GACE!

Gordon College's English program for future English teachers is comprised of nine clusters which include: Language Proficiency; Language and Linguistics; Literature; Didactic; Education; Learning Disabilities; Technological Literacy; Foundations Studies; Research Studies. 

Our Winter term starts on 3.12.2023 and ends on 2.2.2024.  The exam period extends through the beginning of March 2024 so all incoming students are expected to be here through the end of our exam period.

Our Spring term starts on 10.3.2024 and ends on 25.6.2024.  The exam period extends through the end of August 2024 so all incoming students are expected to be here through the end of our exam period.

Course Catalogue

  • Why study at Gordon Academic College of Education?

    70 years of excellence as an academic institution- in 2018 our college was awarded an Israeli National Award for Institutional Quality and Excellence by the Prime Minister’s Office.

    Teaching Excellence:  In a national student survey, Gordon Academic College was ranked first out of all of Israel’s 24 teaching colleges for the quality of its academic teaching.  GACE’s Center for Teaching Excellence ensures that this quality is being maintained. 

    Technological learning environment- Gordon Academic College is leading all universities and colleges in Israel in combining innovative pedagogical methods with the most cutting-edge technological tools for teaching.  GACE has many innovative learning spaces and laboratories which include a simulation center, futuristic classroom, immersive learning room, an escape room and an innovative corridor.  ​

    Student support services and opportunities of volunteering: 

     The Student Dean’s Office offers academic and personal counselling to students in English as well as opportunities for volunteering in the community which links our international students with the wider Israel society.

    Multicultural Campus- GACE’s campus reflects Israel’s multicultural society.  Our faculty, staff and students include Jews (religious, secular, new immigrants and native Israelis), Christians, Muslims, and Druze citizens. 

    Haifa a Multicultural City:  Haifa is recognized as a multicultural city where Israel’s diverse communities live together as equal citizens. Haifa offers a wide variety of activities for young people (beaches, pubs, restaurants, museums, concerts,    sporting events, etc.).

    Stunning view: mountain and sea- GACE is located on the mountains of the Carmel and our campus offers an amazing view of sea and the Carmel and Galilee Mountain ranges.  Moreover, our students can use the cable car service from the beach to our institution (free of charge) as a transportation means to reach our campus.

  • Before the Mobility



    The following link is to the Israeli Government’s Consular Services and explains the procedures that one needs to follow in order to receive visas (including student visas).

    Medical Insurnace

    Every foreign student must be covered by a comprehensive private health insurance policy for the period of their stay in Israel.
    The health insurance policy must be provided by an Israeli provider!
    Please note: Having health insurance is mandatory in order to apply for a visa!

    Many international students of Gordon College have recommended Harel -Yedidim health Insurance Company.
    In order to purchase Harel-Yedidim health insurance please contact Ms. Einat Cohen- [email protected].

    Your insurance must cover the following areas:
    All medical emergencies
    Medical flight evacuation back to your home country
    Flight home of remains in case of death
    All medical care related to the corona virus

    Specific Israeli health insurance policies may have additional requirements please make sure that your health insurance covers you for the full duration of your stay in Israel.
    Incoming students are required to send to our international office ([email protected]) a copy (in English) of the insurance policy that they have purchased so that we can review it and make sure that it will cover the above medical needs of the student.
    Below is a link in English that provides information about travel and health insurance.

  • Transportation from Ben Gurion Airport to Haifa

    Please find bellow possible ways of arrival from Ben Gurion airport to Haifa:


    *Train – you can take a train directly from the Airport (Ben Gurion Airport) to Haifa (get off in Hof HaCarmel station in Haifa),

    it will cost you around 27 New Israeli Shekels (NIS). The ride takes around an hour. Please find below the link to the Train Website-

    Israel Railways.


     *Amal Taxis- You can use Amal Taxis, that depart directly from Ben Gurion airport. Amal Taxis bring you to Haifa, directly to the address that

    you wish. The ride takes around an hour and costs around 120 New Israeli Shekels (NIS).

    Amal taxis have around 10 seats and as soon as they are full, they leave for their destination.


    -please note that the rates mentioned above are valid for December 17, 2023.


    Airport Pick-up is not offered.


  • During the Mobility


    Location - Map​


    The currency used in Israel is the Israeli Shekel (ILS)

    Due to the fluctuating rate of the EURO and Dollar to the shekel we recommend that you check the rate before you come at the following link:


    On December 21, 2023 the following exchange rate were:

    · 1 US Dollar is equivalent 3.61 Shekels

    · 1 EURO is equivalent to 3.96 Shekels


    Reaching Haifa:


    There are numerous bus lines to Haifa from all over Israel. Information about the bus lines in English can be reached from these websites:



    Train transportation to the city of Haifa is relatively easy coming from the south of Israel or North (cities of Nahariya, Acco and Haifa’s northern suburbs have train stations). There are two train stations that one can get off of to reach Gordon College. Coming from the south of Israel, the Hof HaCarmel station is the closest to Gordon College. From there the bus number 115 goes to our college and leaves every 15 minutes from this train station. If you are travelling from the north of Israel, the Merkaz Hashmona station is the closet to Gordon College. Bus number 58 from this station also stops at Gordon College (runs once an hour). From the Bat Galim train station (between Hof HaCarmel and Merkaz Hashmona stations), one can take a 15 minute walk to the cable car by the beach, which in 3 minutes, brings you to a five minute walk to Gordon College (details below).


    HAIFA CABLE CAR: Bat Galim—Stella Maris

    One of the services available for our students is using Haifa’s cable car. One of the cable car's stations is located in Stella Maris, which is five minutes walk from the college. The other station is situated in Bat Galim, by the sea shore (and a 15 minute walk from the train station at Bat Galim). It runs from around 8am in the morning until 8pm at night during the days of study each semester. Every student and staff member of Gordon College is entitled to use the cable car free of charge.

  • Services for Students

    Buddy System


    The Buddy System is a student-to-student program developed for the benefit of the international incoming students to Gordon Academic College and our students.   This program aims to create peer-bonds between Gordon's College Israeli and international students that will also facilitate the international students' first steps in Israel and provide our students with an opportunity to form a relationship with a person from abroad.

    The program at Gordon College is run by Gordon's international Center, and the purpose is to have our incoming students connected to our Israeli students so that they can learn from a student’s perspective about Gordon College as well as the things students do in Haifa and the surrounding areas.   This program also provides an opportunity for our students to plan joint activities. By providing the international students to our students at Gordon College, not only will the incoming students gain support in learning about being a student at Gordon College, but also this program connects our incoming students with the people and culture of our city of Haifa and Israel.  

    Contact person- Nurit Barzilay- Coordinator for International students-

     [email protected], +972-544213389.

    Hebrew course for international students

    We offer a Hebrew course in a basic level for all of our international students. The course is provided free of charge.


    Enrichment Program for International students

    We offer intercultural tours, lecturers and other activities for our international students to enrich their experience and increase their enjoyment from their stay at Gordon College.



    The mission of Gordon college's library is to support the teaching, learning, and research needs of the college community by providing a knowledgeable staff and resources. The library holds more than 300,000 titles in print and electronic formats. Its continuously growing collections include books, journals, electronic databases and media titles in multiple languages.

    Conveniently located in the college's main building, the library is available for faculty and student use. Computers are available in the library for public use.

    All library resources can be searched through library's catalog accessible online on the library's homepage.

    The library provides students and faculty members remote access to electronic and digital resources. 

    Library Services:

    Reference: information specialists assist students and faculty members at the library's reference desk. Assistance can be obtained, as well, via e-mail:  [email protected]  or by phone: 04-8590134.

    Circulation: Registered library users (students, faculty and staff) are entitled to borrow items from library's collections. The loan period is noted in the library’s catalog. For more information e-mail: [email protected]

    Inter-library Loan: The service allows to order books, articles and other publications that are not available in colleges' library collections, from other Israeli academic libraries. The service is available for registered users only. For more information: e-mail: [email protected]

    Guidance: The library provides introduction and training to library databases and catalog to new students and faculty members.

    Undergraduate students are required to fulfill a certain requirements pertaining to library skills as part of the conditions for obtaining a degree.  For arranging a training session, please contact by e-mail: [email protected].


    IT Services


    IT department services

    Our information technologies department is responsible for all the digital services that are available for our students and faculty.


    The IT department provides the following services:  

    • setting up office 365 users' account while you are studying with us

    • assisting with cloud based printing services

    • assisting with issues entering our LMS  (Learning Management Systems)

    • providing support in using our systems (apple tv, wifi, classrooms pc, printers, immersive room etc.)

    • providing support in connecting  with our SPSS for students (also remote support).

    • providing technical support of all our systems in the classrooms and on the web


    Contact information for IT Support:


    The Student Association


    The main role of the student association is to take care of the academic rights of students at the college and to provide activities and events that can involve students within the college and beyond.  In addition, it organizes special charity events before major holidays that provide food, clothing and other items for needy families.


    The Students' Dean Office


    The Dean's Office works for the personal, social and economic welfare of students at Gordon Academic College of Education.  This office works closely with Gordon College's faculty and administrative staff informing them of relevant issues that may be significant to a student’s well being.  These issues range from arranging support for  students with learning disabilities (extra time for taking exams or oral examination in place of written),  academic assistance for time-management,  learning strategies, etc.     The Dean of Student’s Office  is also  available for providing students with information relating to  scholarships.  In addition, this office works with other institutions and groups outside of the college, linking up our students with both services that they may be eligible for as well as volunteering opportunities in the community. 

    The professional staff of the Dean of Student’s Office are able to provide information in several foreign languages including English and German.

    Tel- +972-4-8590174, +972-4-8561913

  • Grading System

    Gordon Academic College of Education’s grading system

    EXCELLENT: from 95-100

    VERY GOOD: from  85-94

    GOOD: from 80-84

    SATISFACTORY:from 70-79

    FAILING for the following courses: Language; Didactics; and Practical courses: from under 70

    POOR (for all other courses):  from 60-69

    FAILED: from Under 60

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