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E-mail Phone no Department / Role Name
[email protected] 04-8590125 Library Director Nawal Nafaa - Hasson
[email protected] 04-8590134 Guidance, Reference  Inbal Sthuhl 
[email protected] 04-8590134  Reference Dror Meyer
[email protected] 04-8590134 Reference Tal Lowengart
[email protected] 04-8590134 Cataloging, Thesaurus, Reference Efrat Gilad
[email protected] 04-8590132 Library Systems, Periodicals, Interlibrary loan, Virtual Catalog editor Anna Gleizerov
[email protected] 04-8590134 Reference Roy Rabinovich
[email protected] 04-8590133 Reference ,Cataloging Jizel Talhami
[email protected] 04-8590138  Circulation Shai Sachs
[email protected] 04-8590134 Printouts and scans Ori Hascalovici
[email protected] 04-8590133 Transcripting Orlit Meir
     Books reshelving Ido Ehrenreich


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