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Our College
Innovative Technology
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Our College

”Education is the path. Humanity - the destination”
(A.D. Gordon)

Gordon Academic College of Education (GACE) is a leading academic institution in Israel, specializing in educating students to be teachers and the professional development of in-service teachers. The college bestows the following academic degrees, recognized by Israel’s Council for Higher Education:

  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
  • Master of Education (M.Ed.)
  • Master’s Degree and Teaching Diploma (M.Teach)

In addition, Gordon Academic College of Education offers other certification that include:

  • Retraining of academics
  • Professional development and continuing studies
  • Diploma studies in various fields
  • Preparatory pre-academic studies

With over 70 years of excellence in education, the teaching faculty at Gordon includes several of the country’s top academic, education, and research professionals. Many of its graduates hold key positions in the education system in addition to their educational work. Over 4000 students come from all over Israel to study in various academic programs.


Gordon Academic College is multicultural and includes many different groups and communities that reflect diversity of Israeli society: including Jews, Druze, Arabs, religious, secular, ultra-orthodox new immigrants, and students with special needs.



Gordon Academic College is an urban campus located on top of Mount Carmel in Haifa with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea

  • Mission

    Gordon Academic College is committed to ensuring that all of its students receive the full benefit of their studies and educational experiences. In the spirit of the college’s values, we will encourage them to be leaders and groundbreakers and to have a macro perspective of education in their work.

    Gordon Academic College will serve the education community both locally and around the world, while imparting the generation, application, and dissemination of knowledge. Gordon Academic College will conduct careful and valuable relevant research to advance the education system and the enrichment of teachers, leaders, and pupils. Gordon Academic College will be a school where lifelong learning and professional growth and development take place, encouraging community involvement among all of its graduates, employees, and education professionals, from diverse ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds.

  • Our Core Values
    • Fostering multiculturalism and acceptance of others.
    • Aspiring to social justice, humanist education, and equality as a springboard for community activism.
    • Strengthening the connection to Jewish heritage and values.
    • Promoting integrity, dignity, and reliability.
    • Encouraging excellence, innovation, and creativity.
    • Creating a culture of responsibility and commitment.
  • Special Centers in GACE

    GACE extensive and quality experience in training in-service and pre-service teachers   is reflected through the different centres and units that are used for training and providing professional development for in-service teachers and academic teaching faculty. Thus, these centres and units of GACE offer a wide range of training programs and additional diplomas. These training programs are varied and range from Innovation and Creativity in Pedagogy, Digital Pedagogy, mobile learning, interactive online courses, combined with subject matter and pedagogic issues. Each year hundreds of training courses are offered through Gordon College’s:

    • Gordon Innovative Pedagogy Affiliate
    • Unit of Professional Development and Continuing Studies
    • Centre for Teaching Excellence
    • Centre of Innovation and Technology in Teaching


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