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Gordon College of education is located on Mt. Carmel, Haifa Israel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. With almost 70 years of leading excellence in academic education, Gordon College is now proud to offer a new International Masters’ program in Leadership and System Management, with emphasis on education and not-for-profit organizations (M.Ed.). Gordon College is an accredited academic institution, and the degrees it bestows upon its graduates are accepted across the EU and in the Americas. Our graduates have also been accepted to PhD programs in leading universities in Germany, Romania and Poland, to name just a few.


A Masters’ degree in Organizational Leadership and System Management is a key asset to boosting your organizational skills, to being eligible for promotion and managerial positions in most organizational frameworks world-wide, and of course key to academic development.


The study program will take one calendar year (3 semesters) beginning in October, and ending in August, the following year. These will include two full semesters during the academic year and an intensive summer semester (3-4 weeks).
The program can be taken fully online. Courses will combine video units, reading assignments, writing assignments and forum discussions. When needed, personal meetings with the course professors can be scheduled. Students who prefer face to face interactions, may choose to take their summer semester on campus in Haifa, Israel. Workshops and seminar courses can greatly benefit from such ‘personal touch’ for those interested in a more face to face approach.
The courses are given by leading professors and senior faculty, all experts in their fields with hands on experience in various contexts and settings.

  • Sample courses from our program

    1. Organizational theory and behavior: The course exposes students to classic and current theories and applied models of how people behave and perform  in the presence of others, especially in the formal context of work organizations. What makes our organizational behavior unique and what are the main factors shaping it?

    2. Organizational and educational leadership: The magic and mystery of leadership tantalizes us from the dawn of civilization. What is leadership and in what does it differ from management? When do we need a manager and when – a leader? What have we learned from over 140 years of organizational research on influence and its outcomes in organizational settings?

    3. Strategic planning in organizations: What is strategy? Why is it important why so few are actually doing it right? We will learn some of the classic views, as well as practical tools to design and plan work in a strategic manner, adopting critical reasoning to our understanding of management and design in organizations.

    4. Research seminar: In seminars the participants will be able to focus on a specific aspect of organizational like and deepen their knowledge, as they explore and investigate a question of choice for their study. Seminars may touch on aspects such as: technology and innovation in organizations, innovative learning environments and organizational leadership, decision making in organizational leadership, etc.
    Students will also take academic skills courses such as: academic writing, research methods, etc.

  • We are happy to offer two tracks in the program
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