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The library provides its users with a wide range of library services:

  • Reference Services:

    The reference desk is located on the library's entrance floor.
    Information specialists at the desk provide assistance and instruction to the Gordon college community with using the library's resources; information search, retrieval and organization of sources.
    The library provides on-site reference services. In addition, assistance can be obtained via

    email: [email protected] or
    phone: 04-8590134 

  • Circulation Services:

    The circulation desk is located at the entrance to the library.
    Librarians at the circulation desk register new readers, lend library items and check in returned items.
    Only registered library users (faculty, staff and students) are allowed to lend items.
    The loan period of an item is determined by the item's type. The loan period is noted in the library catalog.
    *Further information regarding collections and loan periods can be found under the 'library resources' section.
    Extending the loan period can be done in the following manner:
    "Regular books" are renewed automatically, as long as another reader has not ordered the item.
    Independently, renewing items on loan can be done through the Library Catalog> User Account Login> My Account> Renew All .
    Assistance regarding circulation can be obtained via email: [email protected] or phone: 04-8590138.
    [email protected] or

    phone: 04-8590138.

  • Interlibrary Loan:

    The interlibrary loan service allows ordering books, articles and other publications, which are not available in Gordon's library collection, from other Israeli academic libraries. The service is available for registered users only.

    As part of the service, the library orders the requested item from other academic libraries throughout the country. Sometimes the order is subject to a certain fee, in accordance with existing agreements between our library and other libraries.

    To request an interlibrary loan, readers should contact the interlibrary loan department. Application for this service can be issued in one of the following ways:

    Email: [email protected]

    Manual filling out of a request form in the library and submitting it to the librarians at the circulation desk.

  • Guidance:

    The Library offers group or one-by-one training sessions to acquaint students and faculty members with our library catalog, resources, collections and services.

    Undergraduate students are required to fulfill a certain requirements pertaining to library skills as part of the conditions for obtaining a degree.

    For arranging a training session, please contact by e-mail: [email protected]

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